Academy History

1992 - Company "Interbusiness" was founded, founders: Mikheil Manasheridze, Inga Manasheridze.

1992 - Established by the "Interbusiness" multi-profile medical school.

1995 - Cooperation with the University of Jerusalem at the Asap Harbor Medical Center.

1995 - was founded by the Institute of Art and Showbusiness of Interbusiness.

1997 - Cooperation with German St. Hanover Jaw-Facial Medical Medical School

1997 - opened its own dental clinic-based company "Interbusiness" LTD. License oeq number 00659.

2000 - The Ministry of Education of Georgia started functioning under the license No. 01-17- 08/808 of May 22, 2000. The institute of "Interbusiness" LTD started establishing a one-step educational program with dentistry.

2003 - Institute of Dermatology and Multi-Purpose Medical College LLC was awarded the name of Tamar Mamatsavlov-Kezerashvili, a well-known writer of Georgian-Israeli writer, translator and translator and founded a scholarship program for excellent students.

2004 - Higher education has moved to European standards of teaching.

2005 - Institutional accreditation №2-19207 was awarded to higher education institution.

2007 - Higher education institution carries out the European standards in its own building.

2008 - High School is functioning under the name of "Interbusiness Academy".

2011 - Cooperation with Ariel University (Israel).

2012 - "Interbusiness Academy" was granted the status of Professional Educational Institution (Community College) for 5 years.

2012 - has been granted the authority to carry out professional education programs in the 3rd cycle of information technologists, event organizers and nurse assistants.

2012 - The program has passed the program accreditation

2013 - "Interbusiness Academy" is the founding partner of the private colleges of Georgia.

2013 - The program has passed the program accreditation

2013 - Agreement on mutual cooperation between Ariel University (Israel) and "Interbusiness Academy" Ltd on "Bachelor Programs" and "Informatics" of Bachelor Programs.

2014 - Awarded the status of the higher education institution and the exercise of vocational education programs by the decision # 28 of the Authorization Board of Higher Educational Institutions.

Since 2015 , "State program for professional training and retraining of job seekers is being implemented".

2016 - 5 stars of branding.

2016 - Awarded the Social Service Agency's title of the best partner for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs "for the purpose of promoting special cooperation and employment, for the purpose of promoting professional training and retraining of job seekers and implementation of the state program."

2017 - 5 stars of branding.

2018 - Status of Vocational Education Institution (Community College). Authorization Council of Vocational Education Institution with the Decree # 79 of May 08.